Justin Morgan And The Morgan Horse
Living On The Town Line

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Carol Dzindzio
San Marcos, CA

I LOVE your book about the search for Justin Morgan's home. I just finished it last night. What a search you made! I had no idea that you were taking on such a serious venture, and it took so much persistence and dedication. Over the years, I heard a bit about what you were doing, but I never paid much attention. I never went to the website, or thought about more information. What a lovely thing you did! I loved the way you brought in so many other people, in the story. Thank you for your dedication to finding this important information about Justin Morgan. I wonder if I will ever be able to visit the site and see the beautiful marker in person. Best wishes to you and Laura.

Harriet Chase
Randolph, VT

I loved the book. It was exciting to read about your long journey. Loved the chapter on Mim Herwig, so wish she was still here. She was my mentor. The quality of the book very fine. Happy trails, Laura and Dennis.

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Joyce Searles
Spofford, NH

The time, effort and research Dennis and Laura put into this search was amazing. I was so engrossed in the book, I couldn't put it down. I was familiar with some of the materials he searched through such as the Walling Maps, town clerk records, etc. and visit with Mim Herwig. Art and I had a wonderful visit with her in her kitchen. Lovely lady and so sad she is no longer with us. He and Laura deserve a medal.


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We wish to acknowledge The Morgan Horse Heritage Foundation for their grant, and assistance in helping to get this book published. We also wish to acknowledge that the electronic version of this book was funded with a grant from The American Morgan Horse Asscociation.

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