Justin Morgan And The Morgan Horse
Living On The Town Line

Justin Morgan Had A Horse and you can read the true story of the fourteen year search to find the home of Justin Morgan and the Morgan Horse, Living On The Town Line!

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Justin Morgan The Morgan Horse
Kathy Furr
Hinesburg, VT

Past, present and future- the author begins an odyssey with a question. "If you don't know where the start was, then how can it go on." Dennis invites the reader to follow in his footsteps on a journey to discover the "rough, rugged and not for the light-hearted" life of Justin Morgan, pioneer, singing master, horseman and teacher living "on the Town Line."

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Dorrice Hammer
Shelburne, VT

Not much has been known about the early years of Justin Morgan and his horse Figure, the founding stallion of the Morgan horse breed. This book is rewarding on many levels, from the historical insights it provides to the up-to-date methods of research described. Morgan horse lovers in particular owe Mr. Tatro special thanks for his admirable efforts.

David Ladd
Hanover, MA

I love this story! In "Living on the Town Line," Dennis and Laura Tatro exemplify what I believe to be so important about the history of the Morgan horse, that is that it must include the history of the "Men (people) Behind the Morgan Horse." Moreover, this book illustrates valuable lessons of dedication, perseverance, disappointment and reward required to uncover history. I have watched this quest from afar, and I am glad that I can now read about in this short book.

A True Story

This book explains the determined hunt which unearthed much history of the difficult lives of early Vermonters and their relationships with each other. Despite working full-time and running his own Morgan horse farm, Dennis researches far into the night on his computer, making phone calls to likely sources of information, and spending many weekends interviewing, tramping through brush and digging possible sites, Fourteen years later, the Morgan Homesite location is found.

Morgan Horse Historian

About The Author

Dennis Tatro is a Morgan Horse historian, breeder, researcher, and equine photographer. He has managed many Morgan Horse events like The Morgan Mile Trotting Races, the Lippitt Morgan Country Horse Show and Vermont Morgan Heritage Day. He has shown their Morgan Stallion, Denlore's Desert Storm at dozens of horse shows and equine events all over New England and started "Morgan Row" at Equine Affaire in West Springfield Massachusetts. He has been involved with Morgan Horses since 1986 serving on the board of the Vermont Morgan Horse Association for ten years and has been President of the Lippitt Club for three years. Dennis and his wife Laura reside at Denlore Morgan Horse Farm in Sharon Vermont along with their Morgan Horses, two Shih Tzu dogs Ozzie and Harriet and their two Muscovy Ducks George and Lulu.

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Denlore Morgan Horse Farm

Beautiful Design

Living On The Town Line is a book that documents fourteen years of successes and failures, in a story form, searching for the exact location that Justin Morgan had settle at when he came to Vermont. A small and to the point history book that explains how historians, archaeologist, metal detecting professionals and even paranormal investigators become involved with this search. A history book and story book, this book is for everyone, young and old.

Vermont History


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We wish to acknowledge The Morgan Horse Heritage Foundation for their grant, and assistance in helping to get this book published. We also wish to acknowledge that the electronic version of this book was funded with a grant from The American Morgan Horse Asscociation.

Justin Morgan And The Morgan Horse, Living On The Town Line.!